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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select stone?
We can assist in making sure you pick the right stone for your project. Stone comes pre palletized, loaded by weight, or customers can come to the quarry and hand pick their own stone. We have stone piles where you can select specific pieces or colors you are looking for to complete that special stone project.
How do I get the stone home?
Skyline quarry has a full line of vehicles for delivery to the location of your project. You can also come with your vehicle, we can load bulk materials for you or you can hand select the pieces yourself. We weigh your vehicle before and after loading to determine how much stone is being purchased.
How to determine how much stone to buy?
You will need to figure out the square footage of the face wall on your project. For example: You are building a stone wall 3’ high by 50’ long. Your facial linear square footage would be 150 square feet. Now you just divide that by the allotted coverage per ton. In this example say you want to use our small flag and small veneer for the stone wall. The coverage you should get is about 10-12 square feet per ton, so you would need approximately 15 ton of Skyline stone.
Do I have to be home for my delivery?
No, but we will need specific driving and dumping instructions. Marking the dump area with a tarp, stake, or crate would also be helpful. Also, please be aware: We don’t like to drive over lawns for fear of soft spots and septic tanks, and we also can’t dump near low-lying trees or electrical wires.
What are my options for delivery?

We have a tri-axle dump truck that holds up to 16 yards or 22 tons of material. We also have a tri-axle flatbed that can hold up to 21 tons of palletized material that would need to be off-loaded with your own fork lift as we do not carry one with us. For smaller delivers, we have an F-550 mason dump truck that holds 1 to 3 yards or up to 4 tons of material.

How much does a yard weigh?
A yard weighs approximately 2300-2600 pounds depending upon the product.
Are you open to the public?

Yes, we are!  Our hours are Monday through Friday 7am to 5pm and call for our seasonal Saturday hours.  During the winter months you will want to call ahead before coming out in case of inclement weather.

How much material is on a pallet?
Our pallets typically weigh approximately 2 tons but it does vary depending upon the material.
Do you deliver on Saturdays?
No, as of currently, we only deliver Monday thru Friday 7am to 5pm.
Who can you recommend for masonry work?
There are many talented masons in central CT, style and skill vary from one to the next. Please visit our partner links for masons that have built up a repore with using our natural stone products.
Are there any safety precautions I will need to take while visiting the quarry?
Yes, there are definitely safety precautions. There are NO CHILDREN allowed in the quarry. There is always lots of heavy machinery and it’s best for children to stay at home. Also, there are no opened-toed shoes allowed in the quarry because we want to see everyone go home with all their toes!
Can I return stone/gravel that I end up not using?
Unfortunately, no. We do not accept returns on any of our products.
Does the material come loose or palletized?
It all depends on the particular product; cut stone tends to be palletized more often. We do offer both options, but palletized material has additional costs and we do not carry a fork lift with us so it’s our customers’ responsibility to have something to off-load our truck with.
Do you offer any polished or finished stone?
Our stone is a rough, natural stone that does not get finished. Our stone is naturally shaped, snapped on our hydraulic guillotine splitter, or drilled and then “popped” with feathers & wedges (for larger stone only). We do also offer a sawing service for a charge per linear foot. This is helpful if you want your stone to have a perfectly straight edge if it is going to be butting up against another surface.