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110 Conklin Road, Stafford Springs, CT 06076

Project Gallery

Wall Stone

A combination of natural wall stone and 1 side snapped make us this lovely multi tiered wall.

Wall Stone

This hardscape was created using 1 and 3 side snapped wall stone, small flag was used to cap the wall and stairs.

Ashlar Cut

Skyline Ashlar cut stone offers a formal feeling to your designs allowing a finished look complimenting your outdoor space.

Ashlar Cut

Skyline Ashlar cut stone was used to build this sophisticated fire place.


Available in many sizes, Skyline Flagstone is ideal for walkways, steps, cap stone and this beautiful patio.

Small Flag

This whimsical wall was built using small flag and capped with 3 side snapped wall stone curving shamelessly into the surroundings.


Small, medium and large flag stone were used to define this unique space.

Wall Stone

A combination of 3 side snapped, small flag and blue stone caps was used to build this impressive stair case.

Ashlar Cut

Accenting and supporting the pergola this beautiful wall sets an impressive tone to this amazing back yard.

Fire pits

Natural Stone fire pits come in 2 sizes, medium and large.


Available in many sizes, Skyline Flagstone is ideal for walks, patios, pool decking, steps and wall cap stones.

Natural Stone

Locally quarried stone ensures a seamless fit with your New England landscape with the longevity of a natural stone.

Quarry Yard

A selection of pre-sorted stone is available for pick up or delivery.

Natural Steps

They can range in thickness, length and width. This stone is irregular in its shape but has a natural straight face.

Ashlar Cut Stone

Skyline Ashlar Cut Stone brings a more formal feeling and is ideal for, interior and exterior veneers.

Special Cut Thick

These steps ranges 5-8” thick and have a great many applications from accessing the top of a hill to accenting the front porch of your house.

Octagon pavers

These fit together nicely, very easy to lay with small diamond cut pieces to finish off and compliment the octagons.


The small veneer ranges 3-5" thick and is flat on the top and bottom. This allows for an easy install with a beautiful natural face that will fit into and existing landscape or structure.


Our flagstone comes in a variety of sizes. All of the flagstone range from 1-3” thick.


We offer smaller size flagstone that is easy to work with even for homeowners.

Our Quarry

A wide range of products mined right here in Connecticut.