About Skyline Quarry


Skyline Quarry has been in operation for over 60 years. The current owner has owned and operated Skyline Quarry for over 30 of those years. The Quarry is located only minutes from Crystal Lake in the hills of Northern Connecticut. The quarry is maintained to conserve its natural environment with beautiful old spruce and hemlock trees throughout the mountain.

We welcome stone lovers from all over to visit Skyline Quarry and see the native stone of this area. Skyline stone is great for the do it yourself homeowner along with landscape and mason contractors. The natural earth tone colors in our stone will blend nicely with any landscaping or architectural design. The flatness of Skyline’s Connecticut stone makes the material very user friendly.

We hand work every piece of Skyline stone with pride and craftsmanship. At Skyline Quarry we strive to provide our customers with quality building stone and efficient service. Skyline Quarry is conveniently located for all of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

Customers can come to the quarry and hand pick their own stone. We have stone piles where you can select those certain pieces or colors you are looking for to complete that special stone project.

Skyline’s friendly staff is very experienced and knowledgeable of our granite schist building stone. Skyline stone is a granite and sandstone blend. Some pieces have garnets, mica, and quartz. Our hours of operation are Mon-Fri 7am to 5 pm and half a day on Saturday 8am-Noon only between the months of May through November. We are open throughout the winter, however the hours of actual operation may be reduced so you will want to call prior to your visit. Delivery of our Skyline stone is available throughout New England.

Remember nothing compares with the durability and ageless beauty of natural stone from Skyline Quarry. There are many benefits to using natural stone. One of the biggest reason in these times is it is 100% green-friendly verses the manufactured cultured stones. Natural stone is as green as you are going to get.

Skyline stone is perfect for stone walls, laid dry or wet. Natural flag stone for walkways, patios and pool decking. We can special cut Skyline stone to meet your dimensions on our Guillotine cutting machine. The stones are snapped giving Skyline stone a natural rough cut look. Get rid of those deteriorating cement steps and replace them with beautiful cut stone steps or natural stone faced steps. We have stone veneers for fireplaces and stone for fire pits. Name your project and we have the stone for you. Along with the many different cuts of Skyline stone; we also granite birdbaths and posts, and Pennsylvania bluestone. In the bluestone we have patio stock, treads, and hearths. One of the first steps in planning your Skyline stone project would be to figure out how much Skyline stone you will need. With each cut of our stone we give you an estimated coverage per ton. Coverage may vary depending on your masonry technique.

You will need to figure out the square footage. For example: You are building a stone wall 3’ high by 50’ long. Your square footage would be 150 square feet. Now you just divide that by the allotted coverage per ton. In this example say you want to use our small flag and small veneer for the stone wall. The coverage you should get is about 10-12 square feet per ton, so you would need approximately 15 ton of Skyline stone.