Flagstone is a standard flat stone. It can be cut in irregular shapes or squares. It is the perfect stone for paving projects such as walkways, patios, pool areas and more. Regardless of your need, we have the stone for you.

Our flagstone comes in a variety of sizes. All of the flagstone range from 1-3” thick. Our small flag ranges from 6-18” in its diameter. It is great for walkways, walls and patios. The homeowners love to work with it because it is a very manageable size.

The next size up is the Medium Flag which ranges from 18”-2½’ in diameter also great for walkways, patios, pool decking and stepping stones.
The next size up is our large flag that ranges from 2½-5’ in its diameter used in the same applications as above.

Then we have extra large flag that is anything over 5’ in diameter. The extra large flag is used more by contractors because of its size and weight. This size is good if you need to saw pieces from them.

We also carry what we call a Florida flag. It is all around 1”thick and can range from 2-5’ in its diameter. This works well if you are veneering your patio or front steps over existing concrete.

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Small Flag 1‐3″ Thick, 6‐18″ Diameter 60‐65 Sq Ft
Medium Flag 1‐3″ Thick, 18″‐2 1/2′ Diameter 60‐65 Sq Ft
Large Flag 1‐3″ Thick, 2 1/2‐5′ Diameter 60‐65 Sq Ft
Extra Large Flag 1‐3 Thick, Anything over 5′ 60‐65 Sq Ft
Florida Flag 1″ Thick, 2‐5′ Diameter 130‐140 Sq Ft
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