Wall Stone

Masons, Landscapers and do it yourself homeowners all love to work with our wall stone. Our stone is a granite schist, which is a mix of granite and sandstone. Before coming to you, our wall stone is blasted as it comes off the mountain in sheets. The stone has seams which enables us to split the stone down to thinner stone leaving the top and bottom of the stone nice and flat. This characteristic of our stone is what makes it so user friendly. The stone is easy to stack.

Our building/wall stone has gray and brown earth tones throughout. This is another aspect of our stone that customers like. We have some customers that only want the grey color, while others like the browner tones. Our building stone can be very accommodating in this respect. Some pieces of stone can have grey on one side and brown earthy tones on the other side. So you can place the stone with the color that you want to show.

Wall and Building Stone Products

Our two most popular stones for stacking a dry wall are our small veneer and our small flag. A lot of customers like to mix those two types of stone together depending on how high the wall is that they are doing. The small flag is great for shorter walls because of the thinness. The small veneer is better when doing a higher wall. Shims are sometimes necessary to help level off the different heights in the stone.

Our 3 side snap is great if you want a neater straighter faced wall. The 3 side snap is guillotine snapped on 3 sides giving a straight front and straight sides. This makes this stone very easy to work with. The pieces fit tighter together giving the wall a more formal look. The 3 side snap is also great for doing corners. The 1 side snap is also guillotine snapped but you are only guaranteed one straight edge. With the 1 side snap you get a lot of triangular and rectangular shaped pieces. The triangular pieces work out great if you have any curve in your wall or if you want to build an outdoor fire pit.

Our Random Wall stone can be all shapes sizes and thicknesses. You are not guaranteed any straight edges and it isn’t normally as flat on the top and the bottom. Random wall is great for doing a real high wall because you can use your chunkier stone for the base. We do not recommend this stone for your average homeowner because the pieces can get quite heavy.

If you are looking to mortar your wall we have other choices. The Regular and Thin cut stone, also referred to as ashlar cut, are great to work with. The Regular Cut is thicker, it is 3-8”thick, 4-6”deep and comes in strips 6” to 30” in length. You can use the regular cut alone or mix it with the thin cut. The thin cut is basically the same as the regular cut except it is thinner, 1-3”thick and lengths only up to 24”long. Thin cut can also be used alone; it all depends on the look you are going for.

Our Regular Cut #2 is mainly used by contractors and masons. The material is less expensive for them but more labor intensive to work.

See Samples of Our Wall Stone

Take a look at examples of our wall stone in use with client projects.

Natural Wall Stone

A combination of natural wall stone and 1″ side snapped make us this lovely multi tiered wall.

Natural Building Stone

This hardscape was created using 1″ and 3″ side snapped wall stone, small flag was used to cap the wall and stairs.

Small Veneer 3‐5″ Thick, 6‐18″ Diameter 10‐12 Sq Ft
Small Flag 1‐3″ Thick, 6‐18″ Diameter 10‐12 Sq Ft
1‐Side Snap 3‐8″ Thick, 6‐18″ Diameter 10‐12 Sq Ft
2‐Side Snap 3‐8″ Thick, 6‐18″ Diameter 11‐14 Sq Ft
Random Wall All Shapes, Sizes, Thicknesses 18‐10 Sq Ft
Shims Small pieces for walls
Reg. Cut #1 with cut ends 3‐8″ Thick, 4‐6″ Depth, 6‐30″ Strips Facing 30‐35 Sq Ft
Reg. Cut #2 without cut ends 3‐8″ Thick, 4‐6″ Depth, 6‐30″ Strips Less than Regular #1
Thin Cut 1‐3″ Thick, 4‐6″ Depth, 6‐24″ Strips Facing 30‐35 Sq Ft

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