Cut Stone

We snap our stone on a hydrasplit stone cutting machine. It is a hydraulic guillotine snap. This cut gives a straight snap with a rough cut look. The biggest size stone we can snap on our cutting machine is a piece approximately 4’ X 5’ X 7.5-8” thick.

Cut stone for any purpose

With our stone we cut steps, cap stones for walls, coping for around the edges of an in ground pool, cut veneers, hearths, mantels, stone sills, patio stone, stone benches, edging, landings and more.
The special cut stone is cut to order. You can give us specific dimensions and we can cut what you are looking for. The special cut stone is sold by the ton and the rate per ton is determined by the thickness.

Special cut ranges

Our special cut ranges 3″ to 8” thick. We normally snap our stone no thicker than 7 ½-8”thick. The thicker we snap the stone the harder it becomes to get a nice straight cut. It can sometimes bow in or belly out. When ordering our special cut if you can give a little range in your dimensions it is helpful to expedite your order. For example say you are looking for a step 4’ long by 12” wide by 7” thick. If you give us some leeway and place your order as approximately 4’long by 12-14” wide by 6-7” thick this can help us accommodate your order. One thing you need to remember is all our stone is a natural stone and we can only work with what Mother Nature gives us.

Our special cut thick ranges 5-8” thick. Our thin special cut ranges 3 ½-4 ½” thick. Then we have extra thin special cut which ranges 3-3 ½” thick. The different thicknesses all depend on the application you are looking to do.

We carry natural steps

We also carry natural steps. They can range 5 ½ to 8 ½” thick, 4-6’ long and 24-36” wide. This stone is irregular in its shape but has a natural straight face. We do not cut this stone. Natural steps are great especially if you need multiple steps to go up the side of a bank or steps into your garden. We normally have a good variety and selection in stock. If you can’t find what you are looking for you can leave us with the approximate dimensions and we will look for you.

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Reg. Cut #1 with cut ends 3‐8″ Thick, 4‐6″ Depth, 6‐30″ Strips Facing 30‐35 Sq Ft
Reg. Cut #2 without cut ends 3‐8″ Thick, 4‐6″ Depth, 6‐30″ Strips Less than Regular #1
Thin Cut 1‐3″ Thick, 4‐6″ Depth, 6‐24″ Strips Facing 30‐35 Sq Ft
2″ Veneer Strips 2″ Wide, Rand. Lengths & Thickness 70‐80 Sq Ft
Squares & Recs 3‐5″ Thick, 6″x6″ to 12″x16″ 30‐35 Sq Ft
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