Landscaping Trends 2022

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Landscaping trends

Here are the most popular landscaping trends for 2022

This year ushered in beautiful landscaping trends that are incorporating various stone and rock materials into designs. General interest in landscaping peaked during 2021 through to 2022 and is showing no signs of slowing down. It seems that the pandemic may have assisted with shifting us back to mother nature. The mandates and restrictions put in place nationwide inspired many people to renovate their outdoor spaces and turn them into sanctuaries. They also created a wave of new DIY creators that are solving home improvement needs for themselves.

While the pandemic brought on much panic, stress, and the loss of loved ones, it also forced us to focus on our physical health, mental health, and overall wellbeing. Studies show that spending time outdoors is a proven and effective way to reduce stress and boost the immune system. Many homeowners and developers took advantage of this and invested a hefty amount of money into building their very own paradise, on their properties.

Have you been thinking about exploring new landscaping ideas for your home? Maybe repurposing your balcony or outdoor space? Use the latest trends as a jumping off point to incorporate healthy living and peace in your life as we settle back in with nature.

Inside, Outside-Space Renovations

The buzzing trends in outdoor space renovations include grand outdoor kitchens, solar kitchens, outdoor living room spaces equipped with entertainment centers, decked out dining areas, intimate spaces under pergolas, and more. Stone walls and stone structures are hot commodities on the market right now and a very popular choice for space buildouts.

Stone finishes bring a rich, earthy atmosphere into your backyard, are aesthetically pleasing, and they also increase the property value. Stone walls have a simple installation process, are easy to clean, and are typically low maintenance. Stone encasements are used around various outdoor structures such as pools, waterfalls, fire pits and fireplaces, outdoor greenery pots, and archways, adding an exquisite grand finish to the structures.

Gravel Plots & Pathways

Gravel creates beautiful walking passages, garden plots, patio designs, and sectional pathways, on landscaping designs. Gravel is extremely durable in high traffic areas and won’t require maintenance responsibilities that are too demanding. Installing gravel is particularly popular on the “DIY” scene for small projects, and supplies can be purchased from your local home improvement store. The most commonly used and least expensive material is pea gravel. If you are looking to create a specific ambiance and have a larger budget, the options to import lava rocks or exotic pebbles are endless.

Edging is a key factor to consider when installing gravel areas. Edging keeps the gravel in place and is a determining factor for the level of maintenance that will be required for upkeep. Be sure to select edging materials with the intended use of the space and expected traffic in mind. The most commonly used edging materials include plastic, landscape fabric, metal, and stone.

Boulders are among the most popular landscaping trends

Boulder signs are bolder than ever! Once upon a time these signs were predominantly used for gravestones and landmark attractions. These days, engraved stone signage is regarded as a rustic and trendy option for businesses and homeowners to explore. Boulder signs tend to bring a prestigious energy to the spaces they occupy, and businesses owners should take full advantage of this perk. 

Boulder signs for homes have also become quite popular. In residential neighborhoods boulder signs are mostly used for house sign numbers and typically added to front lawns and gardens, nicely complimenting the greenery. Boulder signs can be found at affordable prices but costs vary based on materials, size, and engraving details.

Gabion Walls

Gabion walls are free standing encasements made from wire, filled with rocks and stones. Also known as “gravity walls”, Gabion walls are designed to hold earth materials such as soil and rocks, which fill out and define the wall’s shape. They are also permeable, doubling as an added draining system for your home. They are environmentally friendly, long lasting, practical, and easy to build.

The materials used for Gabion walls aren’t restricted to free standing wall structures and dividers. They can be repurposed to create planters, benches, fences, and a host of other outdoor structures. Gabion materials are low-cost and there is very little maintenance required for upkeep.


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