Sand, Gravel & Process Materials

Visit Skyline Quarry in Stafford, CT for a wide range of gravel, stone dust and rip rap supply. Our gravel is available for sale by online, phone, in person. Call for delivery or visit our query for pick-up.

Sand and Gravel Supply

3/8″ stone

– This is a crushed stone. It is predominately light grey in color. Close up you can see some brown tones and mica that runs throughout the stone. It is great for decorative landscaping needs; flower beds around trees and in walkways are just a few of its many uses.


– This crushed stone is used for drainage: curtain drains, under sheds, behind and under retaining walls. The ¾” stone is used to top gravel driveways and helps with mud problems. Also used around above ground pools for spillage. Great for decorative landscaping needs.


– The 1 ¼”stone is used in many of the same applications that the ¾” stone is used for. The 1 ¼” stone is better in a real muddy situation, it helps bind up better.

Rip Rap

– Our rip rap is currently running around 3-10” in size however this product can vary in size throughout the year. Rip rap is used to hold up steep embankments, used on dam banks and sometimes logging sites use it for a tracking pad.

Large Rip Rap

– This material runs 12-18” in size. It is basically a shot or hammered rock. The large rip rap is small boulder like material.

¾” & 1 ¼” Process Gravel

– This material consists of ¾” or 1 ¼” stone, stone dust and a sandy gravel. It gives the look of a dirt road. Some of the towns use this material to replenish the dirt roads. This material is a good base for driveways, it packs down hard. Paving companies use this material for the base before putting down the asphalt. Good for a hard base for under a stone wall to level out the ground. Also used under sidewalks or garages before pouring the cement.

Processed Fill

– This is a sandy fill with small stone chips no more than a ½” in size. This material is used to back fill foundations, this does drain. Not septic or state approved. Used on horse rings and stables. Good for building up an area on the lawn and then top with topsoil.

Bank Run Fill

– this material can be anything off the bank. Material can have 1-2’ pieces, roots and rocks. Good for filling a big/deep hole. For instance filling an in ground pool that was removed or dump off a steep bank to widen a lawn.

Crushed Bank Run

– This material is 3-4”minus in stone size mixed with a sandy gravel. This is used for the sub-base on a new road or new driveway. Then topped with process gravel and paved or stoned on top.

Stone Dust

– Our stone dust is a sandy gravelly type stone dust. It can vary in color from light grey to tan. Our stone dust is great for laying flag stone or pavers when doing a patio or a walkway. You can put up to 6” of stone dust lay your stones or pavers then put the stone dust in between the cracks wet material with a hose and the stone dust will compact and hold the stones in place. People also have used it on horse rings. We do not recommend our stone dust for driveways because it will mud up and track.

Screened Topsoil

– This material is screened to 1”minus. You will want to use a good grass seed and plenty of fertilizer and make sure to water it well. If we deliver this material to you please be aware of the area you want us to dump. If you want us to go on your lawn the surface must be firm enough to hold our truck. Make sure we will not be going over your septic, leach field or well and be aware of overhead trees and wires.

Electrical Sand

– The electrical sand is screened. It is used to cover electrical wires and pipes. It has been used for beaches, sand boxes, and under pools. You will want to look at this material first to be sure it would work for your application. None of our materials are completely stone free.

Sand, Gravel and Stone Delivery

– Customers can have material delivered or they can pick it up themselves at the Quarry. We sell all our gravel products by the yard. Roughly you can figure a yard is approximately a third more in weight than a ton.

Delivery trucks available
Our tri-axle dump trucks can hold up to 16 yards. We also have a smaller F550 dump truck that can hold up to three yards of material for those smaller projects. Call for a quote on sand and gravel delivery charges.

Self Pick Up Available

– If you decide to pick up the material at the quarry, we do have some minimum charges for smaller quantities. We charge a $30.00 minimum on any gravel material loaded by our loader. You can shovel on the material yourself for only $15.00. We have a $35.00 minimum on topsoil. These minimums are per trip.

We are also available to help you calculate how much sand and gravel you will need for your project. You will need to give us the square footage of the area and how thick you want to go with the material.

When we blast our building stone it creates material that we process through our crushers and screeners. The stone is not round or smooth, it can have sharp edges. None of our material is washed or DOT approved.

3/8″ STONE
3/4″ STONE
1 1/4″ STONE
RIP RAP 3‐10″
Please email, call or visit us for pricing.