The definition of veneer is a thin covering over another surface. Veneer used for building cladding does not impart any structural strength to the wall.

Veneer stone whether sawed, cut, or mosaic; is great for veneering house foundations, covering unsightly concrete steps, creating beautiful fireplaces and chimneys, and many other products. Keep in mind that some of our products can be used in multiple applications.

Our mosaic veneer is an irregular shaped granite schist stone that we quarry ourselves. When we quarry the stone out of the mountain, it comes out in sheets so the stone is easy to work with and mortar to your surface. The mosaic veneer products create a puzzle-piece look and range from 6-18” diameter but they do vary in thickness from 1-5”. The thinner the stone, the more coverage you get per ton. Also, the thinner the stone, the easier it is to work with when it comes to mortaring a veneer.

Our sawed thin stone is our Thin Cut and Regular Cut #1 sawn into ¾” thick flats and corners. They are 4-6” high and range from 6-30” strips. These are great when you are looking for a formal veneer with the least amount of labor. The pre-cut corners and flats are a little different from other products we carry because these are sawn instead of split and they are sold by the square foot instead of by the ton. If you are looking for a formal veneer look, then these are definitely the way to go! We now also have a sawed mosaic thin stone veneer, appx 1” thick and sawn on the back.

Our cut veneer stone is snapped on a hydraulic guillotine splitter so it still maintains that rustic, natural stone look with a straight edge. We offer many different cut veneers. The Regular Cut #1 is 6-30” strips, 3-8” thick, and 4-6” in depth. It is snapped on all four sides and makes a beautiful facing when combined with our Thin Cut. The Thin Cut comes in 6-24” strips, 1-3” thick, and 4-6” in depth. The Regular Cut #2 is just like the #1 except it doesn’t have cut ends and is much more labor intensive and is mainly recommended for stone masons. We also have what we call 2” Veneer Strips. These are smaller strips that are 2” wide but vary in length and thickness. If you want something other than a strip look, we offer Natural Thin Veneer and Squares & Recs. The Natural Thin Veneer is 1-3” thick and ranges from 6” x 6” and up. The Squares and Recs are a little thicker at 3-5” thick and ranging from 6” x 6” up to 12” x 16”.

Regardless of what veneer style you are looking to achieve, we at Skyline Quarry, can help with all your building stone needs. Give us a call today!

Small Veneer 3‐5″ Thick, 6‐18″ Diameter 30‐35 Sq Ft
Small Flag 1‐3″ Thick, 6‐18″ Diameter 60‐65 Sq
Small Florida Flag 1‐1.5″ Thick, 6‐18″ Diameter 130‐140 Sq Ft
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Flats 3/4-1″ Thick, 4‐6″ Height, 6‐24″ Strips sold by Sq Ft
Corners Weighs 3/4-1″ Thick Random sold by Lin Ft
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Regular Cut #1 3‐8″ Thick, 4‐6″ Depth, 6‐30″ Strips 70 Linear Ft
Mini Regs 3‐8″ Thick, 4‐5″ Depth, 6‐10.5″ Strips 70 Linear Ft
Thin Cut 1‐3″ Thick, 4‐6″ Depth, 6‐24″ Strips 130‐140 Linear Ft
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