What Is Natural Cleft Stone?

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Natural Cleft Stone finish provides an all-natural look of split stones when layered. The finish is even more fantastic when a skilled worker does the layering. With their expertise, they can split the building stones at natural faults. This produces a natural, elegant cleft texture and finishes on the end product.
A Natural Cleft Stone finished surface is slightly uneven. These surfaces are naturally occurring, and not even the best workers can duplicate their previous design. They only share this property with slate and sandstone.

Why You Need To Choose Natural Cleft Stone over Other Materials

Natural Cleft Stone has several unique advantages over other options as discussed below:

They Are Naturally Beautiful

This is an obvious advantage that you derive from Natural Cleft Stone. The only alterations done with these stones is splitting and resizing. Otherwise, all other features occur naturally. Because of this, the material provides 100 % natural beauty and elegance. They give you patios, floors, walls, and pavements that blend well with the outdoor environment.

They Come With a Unique Texture

Since natural cleft stones are all-natural and undergo limited human remodeling, it is more than confident that not two cleft stones will share the same kind of texture. Every stone has its unique nature and gives textures and patterns. This characteristic makes them a perfect solution when you want to ascertain authenticity and uniqueness in taste. It also offers better visual appeal and aesthetic values.

They Are Affordable

Most stones undergo a lot of value addition process. This way, they reach the end-users with inflated prices that aim to cover the manufacturing process and costs involved. The reverse is true with Natural Cleft Stone. These stones only go through a single face of reconstruction, which is splitting and resizing. That alone minimizes their production costs, thereby making them more affordable to purchase.

Disadvantages of Natural Cleft Stone Over Other Stones

The following are some of the disadvantages that you may encounter with natural cleft stones:

They Lack Consistency

Because they are naturally occurring and individually unique, natural cleft stones may lack uniformity in texture and patterns when layered together. While this factor works to their advantage in most cases, it marks the central setback point under certain circumstances. Therefore if you want consistency in patterns, you may look for other options like Sandblasted stones.

They Offer Rigidity in Quality

Natural cleft stone finishes require a specific type of stone. This may not be ideal for flexible users. Therefore it would be best to contact a professional in regards to sealing options plus cleaning and other maintenance procedures.

Also, the artistry of layering Natural cleft stone may require special skills. So ensure that you get someone with the right skills and experience to do the job.

Final Word on Natural Cleft Stones
Natural stones are popular due to their strength and ability to withstand natural pressures, time included. However, every one of these tones has unique characteristics. This makes them suitable for specific purposes and unsuitable in some. The same applies to natural cleft stone. We recommend that before you use this type of stone in your property, please consider the above factors. If you and your professional follow the right procedures from step one to the last, you will have the most beautiful all-natural finish for years.

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