5 Benefits of Bluestone Pavers for Patio You Should be Aware Of

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Benefits of Bluestone Pavers for Patio:

It’s a no-brainer that “A natural stone like bluestone gives a magical effect wherever it is laid!”

But, many homeowners have this question in mind, “Is it worth installing bluestone as a paver in their patios?”

More precisely, they want to know about the benefits of this unique paver just to ensure that their patios can spread positive and aesthetic vibes all along.

So, today at Skyline Quarry, we will highlight some of the benefits of using bluestone as a paver for patios.

Some of the most obvious advantages include:

1. Bluestone Create a Magical Effect

With the texture and surface they have got, bluestones can have a magical effect no matter wherever they are being installed.

The bluish/grayish color spreads naturally aesthetic vibes in patios and will make for a better evening while homeowners spend their time over there.

But with this effect also comes the ease of installation. Considering the fact that they can be cut in different sizes and their availability in different colors, you’ll have the option to choose from a long variety of bluestones.

That said, you can get them easily installed at your home patios to enhance their beauty and make the place as lavish and as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

2. Durability and Diversity

That’s true! Bluestones are one of the most durable natural stones out there.

The use of elements like mica, quartz, clays, rock fragments, and feldspar is what makes it one of the toughest natural stones in the United States.

Considering this sheer durability, once you install it at your patios, you’ll no longer need to worry about it for many years to come.

No matter what the weather conditions in your region are, the stone will maintain its color and radiate the same magical effect for a long time.

Coming towards the diversity factor, this type of stone is not only used in patios but one can install them on walkways, pool decks, indoor flooring driveways, and other residential areas.

Bright blue color with a grayish shade and tough overall construction is what makes bluestone a perfect paver for patios.

3. Highly Dense

The highly-dense properties of the stone also allow it to be one of the best options to be used as a paver in patios.

With this kind of density, the stone is not only capable of absorbing water, but can also withstand harsh weather conditions.

The stone is also resistant to freeze-thaw cycles, which means once you install them on your patios, they will not develop any cracks for a long time period.

4. Rough Natural Texture for Safety

Another important benefit of using bluestone as a paver for patios is that it offers safety and protection.

The rough natural texture of the stone does not make it slippery no matter how much wet it is.

Therefore, homeowners can walk on the patios, especially the ones that contain pools without any fear of getting slipped and eventually getting injured.

5. Inexpensive Installation

Many people think that installing bluestones in a patio will cost them a fortune, but that’s certainly a myth only.

As a matter of fact, the stone installation cost is not too expensive. The whole budget will revolve around $24 to $32 per square foot of installation.

The installation costs may increase or decrease depending upon the quality of work you want along with the surface area you want to get covered though.

Regardless of that, the general cost starting from $24 per square foot is still justified considering how beautiful your patio is going to look after bluestone paver installation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is bluestone better than other pavers?

Bluestone, due to its premium texture, attractive color combination, and rare availability is better than other pavers when it comes to renovating patios and driveways. The stone reflects a premium and luxurious look, which is difficult to find in other types of pavers these days.

2. Are bluestone pavers durable?

Due to their ability to absorb water, resist freeze-thaw cycles, and adjust to harsh weather conditions, it’s fair to say that bluestones are, in fact, durable, and tough, compared to other pavers.

3. Is a bluestone patio slippery when wet?

Bluestone has this natural rough texture that eliminates the slippery factor when the patio is wet. Therefore, it ensures complete protection and safety to the homeowners as they can enjoy their time on a bluestone patio without the fear of getting injured.

Final Takeaways:

Bluestone pavers are a must these days due to a plethora of reasons. Installing them on your patios could be a decision that you won’t regret for many years to come.

The diversity of the stone, its eye-catchy color, ease of installing it, and its resistance against harsh weather is what make it a perfect option to renovate your patios.

With all these benefits listed, we are sure that you’ll give this natural stone a try to improve the décor of your home and enhance its beauty.

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