Precious Stone: Why Bluestone is Good for Pavers

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Bluestone is a beautiful natural stone that has been used for centuries in construction and landscaping. One of the most popular ways to use bluestone today is as paving stones, which are often referred to as "pavers." If you're looking for attractive and durable paving material, then bluestone might be just what you need. In this article we will discuss four reasons why bluestone makes great pavers:

Bluestone is Strong

Bluestone is a very strong stone with a hardness of six on the Mohs scale. This is harder than marble at five and softer than granite at seven, so it will not scratch or chip easily like some other stones might. It also has a very high compressive strength, so it won't crack under pressure. All of these attributes make bluestone an attractive option for paving stones.

Since it is nonporous, bluestone is difficult to stain and will not absorb water, so it tends to maintain its color. Plus, the stone doesn't naturally retain heat that could be damaging in hot climates.

The durability of bluestone makes it a popular choice for paving stones all over the world. In Mexico City alone there are 50 miles worth (43 kilometers) of bluestone streets.

Bluestone has Good Drainage Properties

Bluestone has a low water absorption rate of only two percent and still maintains its color. This makes it an excellent choice for paving stones because they will not get stained by runoff from rain or snow, which is common in some other types of natural stone like granite that can have high moisture content.

Another benefit to bluestone's stability is the fact that it does not absorb water. This means that rain or snow will not make the stones slippery, which is a major concern for paving stone materials in wet climates. Bluestone has also been found to be resistant to bacterial growth and algae because of its porous nature.

Bluestones are Easy to Install on Almost any Surface

Bluestone paving stones are not only easy to install, but they also work on a variety of surfaces. They go well with many different types of ground coverings including asphalt, concrete, or regular dirt. Bluestones can be laid in almost any pattern and you can even mix them up for an eclectic look that is sure to please your eye!

When you install bluestone, you have the option of cutting or sawing them to any size. This is a major benefit because different types of paving stones require specific cuts that are not always available. If you want custom sizes for your pavers, then installing bluestone will be easy!

The fact that they can be cut down in size makes bluestone paving perfect for DIY projects. They can be cut down to any size and then installed on your driveway, in a garden, or around the pool at your house!

Bluestone comes in Many Different Colors and Shapes

Bluestone paving stones come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes so you are sure to find something that suits your needs. They range from light pink, dark purple, reds, oranges, and greens. Plus they can be shaped into squares or rectangles for straight lines or other interesting patterns like herringbone or chevron!

Their size can vary from small pebbles to large boulders. This gives you the ability to create unique patterns that cannot be done with other paving stones, which are often limited by size and shape.

One of the best things about bluestone is its durability in any climate. It can last as long as 100 years if it's taken care of properly, so you can rest assured that your bluestone paving stones will last for many years to come.

If you're looking for a strong and durable paving material then bluestone might be just what you need! In this article we explored five reasons why bluestone is perfect for pavers:

As you read through these four reasons why bluestone makes great pavers, I hope it has given you some insight into what this natural stone is all about. Bluestones are an attractive and durable option for paving stones, so I hope you will consider using bluestone in your next project.

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