What is Bluestone & Why Use It in Your Garden?

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Bluestone is a specific type of stone found in a few places throughout the world, and one of those limited places is New Jersey State and North-Eastern parts of Pennsylvania. There are the hardest and most resistant types of sandstones, making them popular in building and landscaping.

The stones come in a range of colors that include blue, blue-grey, brown, grey, orange, purple, yellow, and lilac. The colors in these stones largely depend on where they are harvested. Bluestones extracted from deeper quarries come in darker blue colors while those gotten closer to the surface are lighter.

The existence of blue stones in the United States dates back to 350 million years ago. However, their extraction and active mining only began around 200 years ago. Over the years, homeowners have adopted the use of bluestone materials and cut blue stone in different ways.

You can use these stones in pavements, veneers as well as indoor and outdoor stair treads. They also make great pavements when appropriately layered in the garden.

Why Use Bluestones in Your Garden?

Bluestones are perfect building materials for patios, walkways, stepping stones, and feature walls. Below are the reasons why you need to install blue stones in your garden.

They Are Water-Resistant

Bluestones are water-resistant and robust, making them perfect stones to use in water features. This property makes them suitable for building fountains, waterfalls and ponds in the gardens. Their natural colors also make them blend perfectly around such structures.

They Are Durable

Unlike indoor surfaces, the garden is vulnerable to extreme weather conditions like sun, rain, and even snow. Therefore you need strong materials like Bluestones that are incredibly durable and can withstand the test of time. They are ideal in building pavements around and inside your garden as they will stay beautiful for ages with minimal care and maintenance.

They Are Slip-Resistant

Because of the exposure to water and rainy conditions, you need a slip-resistant surface on the outdoor pavements and walkways. They have #400 grit finishes giving you confidence when walking and reduces garden accidents. Apart from this property, the stones provide a beautiful ambiance in the garden. They also blend well with the natural green environment.

They Are Widely Available and Affordable

Bluestones are popular stones around the United States, making them widely available and affordable. This plays a very significant advantage, especially if you live in areas around New York as you also save on transportation costs.

These stones also require little maintenance once installed. That way, you will be channelling money meant for repair and maintenance to other meaningful purposes.

They Come In a Range Of Colors

If you like decorations and patterns around your garden, then these stones will serve you adequately. You can use the difference in color to install different tones and color patterns. They make your garden look beautiful and fun to walk around.

They Are Easy To Install

Bluestones are some of the flattest natural stones you will come around. Because of this property, they are easy to install and do not require as much skill as other natural stones. They are also available in various dimensions, making them fit well and become compact.

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