What is Ashlar Cut Stone?

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Ashlar Cut Stone

Ashlar cut stone refers to stone that has been finely cut, shaped or worked so that it has smooth and even faces and square edges on average.

When people talk about ashlar stone they are either referring to a single stone or a collection stones constructed into something.

Ashlar stone is used as a type of building / wall stone and alternative to brick or other materials in masonry projects. The stone can be used for walls, arches, fireplace surrounds, outdoor kitchens and full-scale buildings among other projects. This method of cutting stone goes back thousands of years to Greece, Crete and other parts of Europe etc.. Today ashlar has a broad spectrum of applications and can found on historical buildings, churches, building Façades, fire pits, fireplace surrounds, walls and more. Ashlar style stone offers a traditional and timeless look which has transcended generations.

Ashlar usually comes in one of three distinctions:

  • Random ashlar – Stones of varying length or height (where neither vertical or horizontal joints are continuous).
  • Coursed ashlar – Stone that has products continuous horizontal joints.
  • Stacked ashlar – Stone that produces continual vertical joints.

Ashlar stone can also come in several finishes including “quarry-faced” where outer sides are left rough and polished, or a smoother polished finish.

In construction projects blocks of ashlar stone are joined together using mortar or metal ties (a process known as dry ashlar). Often very little mortar is required since this type of stone is very finely cut. Generally ashlar stone is rectangular or square and fits tightly together meaning that structures are very strong and sturdy.

Examples of Ashlar Cut Stone Used in Construction Projects

The following photos are from customers who have purchased aslar cut stone from Skyline Quarry for use in their building projects.

Ashlar Cut Thin Stone

Fireplace Surround

Skyline Ashlar cut stone was used to build this sophisticated fire place.

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Outdoor Wall

Accenting and supporting the pergola this beautiful wall sets an impressive tone to this amazing back yard.

Ashlar Cut Wall Stone

Outdoor Kitchen

The ashlar stone has helped to create a charming modern grill surround for this Connecticut home.

Ashlar Cut Stone Supply in Connecticut

Are you interested in using ashlar cut stone in your project(s)? Skyline Quarry supplies natural ashlar cut wall stone and stone veneers.

Ashlar stone can be purchased direct from the quarry at: 110 Conklin Road Stafford Springs, CT.
Or ordered by phone at: 860-875-3580
Delivery is available to all of Connecticut, most of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

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